www.YourNewNeighbors.com Offers Greater Return on Marketing to New Homeowners

March 15, 2009

Marketing to new homeowners has long been a valuable tool to attract new customers. Many companies like Welcome Wagon offer this service to businesses. My problem has been that once you sign up for the service, your marketing dollars get spent on mailings to people that, although they are “new homeowners,” they are not new to your neighborhood.

Companies like Welcome Wagon spend your marketing budget on mailings to anyone that has turned on a utility within a two mile radius of your business. They pride themselves on showing you that 1,000 new homeowners have received your offer through their mailing. The problem is that, in reality, only 20% or 200 people are actually new to the area and are in need of an introduction to your business. The fact is, on average, 80% of the people on the list that they are selling you, have moved less than ten miles. This means that most of the 80% will continue to use the services of the businesses that they have already developed a relationship with. It means that their drycleaner, salon, dentist, doctor, landscaper, handyman…etc, will remain the same after they have moved. In other words, you just spent money to send a direct mail piece to 800 people that are already your customer or will not switch to you. There are ways to win these customers over to your business (see http://tinyurl.com/ccxlkh), but it is not likely to happen with a mailing through Welcome Wagon or similar companies.

There is a company, however, that will focus on the 20%, “Cream of the Crop,” that are actually NEW to your neighborhood and will need your services.

www.YourNewNeighbors.com provides lists of New Neighbors that have moved 10 miles or more. With their list you should achieve 3 to 4 times the response rate that you will get with the older systems and you will save money at the same time.

These targeted New Neighbors need to find your business, because now they live too far away to travel to their old Salon, Dentist, Drycleaners, Doctor, Landscaper, Handyman and more!

If this makes sense and you would like more information about your area, please call 888-867-1905 or email info@YourNewNeighbors.com.

Jeff Battiston   www.twitter.com/jbatts

Jeff is Founder and CEO of Global Capital Services, a company that provides financing to businesses and municipalities.


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