10 Ways To Better Web Copy

March 9, 2009

A Quick Guide to Writing Effective Copy for Your Web Site
by Jeanne Yocum— Tuscarora Communications, Ltd.— http://www.yourghostwriter.com

#1:  Understand the connection between content and credibility.

#2:  Realize that good writing needn’t be expensive, but bad writing is always costly.

#3:  Start fresh; what you’ve written for your marketing brochure won’t work on the Web.

#4:  Develop a Web personality.

#5:  Keep it simple.

#6:  Make it easy for your visitors to understand your copy and for search engines to find it.

#7:  Create a style guide and use it!

#8:  Provide value-added content.

#9:  Update content regularly so the site does not become stale.

#10: Proofread, proofread, proofread.

For a detailed explanation of these ten tips visit Jeanne Yocum’s free Ebook:  10 Ways To Better Web Copy.

Jeff Battiston is founder a CEO of Global Capital Services, a financing company for businesses and municipalities.  Jeff also offers businesses a cost-effective way to build sales through appreciation and relationship marketing, Grow Your Sales Through Word-of-Mouth. Jeff can be contacted by email Jeff@GlobalCapital-LLC.com or follow him on Twitter.


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